Sunday, July 11, 2010

(VIDEO) Awesome: Gerald Gay of Wyoming (CD-36) Shoots Cap and Trade Turkeys With a Smith and Wesson Model 500!

by the Left Coast Rebel

Wyoming's 36 Congressional district candidate (R) Gerald Gay's new ad wherein he shoots it out with cap and ***bang!*** trade may beat out even some ads seen recently in the South.

Watch it:

Check out Gerald Gay of Wyoming's 36 Congressional district here.

Libertarian Punk has this on Gerald Gay:

Shootin’ at Cap and Trade with a Smith & Wesson Model 500! He’s got my vote!

Gerald Gay, Republican. He’s a former Wyoming state Representative, tea party guy, running again this fall in HOUSE DISTRICT 36 (My district, Casper). He’s a member of the NRA and the JPFO, and I like his stances on things. Check out his answers to the RLC liberty survey, here:

More on the Smith and Wesson model 500 that Gerald Gay was sporting at Wikipedia as well.



  1. Good commercial. And I'd love to have that gun!

  2. I am going to have steal, er borrow that vid. I am from Casper Wy, and although I don't know this man personally I know of him, and I went to school with some of his relatives. Small world.

  3. Silver - Me too, lol.

    Randy - No way, very cool.

    Proof - Indeed

    RK - Right behind you!


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