Thursday, July 29, 2010

(VIDEO) Obama on "The View"

by the Left Coast Rebel

Obama shows up on "The View", accelerating the Oprah-ization of the Presidency, attempting a desperate cleavage-grab for his flailing numbers.

Can Obama pull off the 'aw-shucks, ladies, I feel your pain (and thighs)...' schtick of Slick Willy and reinvigorate one of the Democrat's most consistent voting blocs?

I hardly think so. For those guided by emotion - Obama comes off as cold, Spock-like and even 'otherworldly' and disconnected. Not flattering traits with the ladies, no?

Obama on "The View" making splashes with the "I wasn't invited to Chelsea's wedding" routine:

Was "The View" showing worth giving the Boy Scouts of America Jamboree the cold shoulder?

Also, Puff-Ho columnist Robbie Gennet maintains the ridiculously inane progressive-playbook-narrative byline that Glenn Beck is 'radical and dangerous' but she states something I agree with (for the opposite reasons), "Screw The View: Obama Should Appear on the Glenn Beck Show"

That would be awesome, my dear, but alas - the Emperor has no clothes.

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