Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Linkaround

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Mea culpa! I was out of town all weekend and didn't bring everything with me to get this up on Saturday.

Democrats Realize the Cost of Obamaism — to Them

Charles Krauthammer Explains Why the Democrats Are Toast Come November


France Bans Veils in Public

The Defector: Christopher Hitchens Autobiography review

Ten Buck Fridays - Nationalize Congressional Races

U.S. hands over last Iraq jail but keeps 200 inmates

The Two Randy Vicars -Iowahawk

Deep thoughts by Barack Obama

Used and Abused Democrats are as mad as hell at the Obama administration.

'Mystery plumber' may be behind new BP oil leak cap

Robo-Love Experiment#1 The ultimate narrative of linky love!

5 Signs Sharia Law Is Coming to a Town Near You

Boehner Calls for Repeal of Financial Bill

A Conversation with Christopher Hitchens

Palin won’t take speaking fee at Beck rally

NAACP Prez Tries to Weasel His Way Out of Controversial Attack on Tea Party Patriots

Obama's Financial 'Reform' Doesn't Fix Anything -John Lott

Don’t Blink-Democrats Aren’t Done Killing Jobs Yet

Obama comes to Michigan, touts money he's giving to KOREAN battery plant to create jobs at $504,667 each

As Transparent As A 55 Gallon Drum Of Crude

Should a Tea Party candidate run in the 2012 primary if Scott Brown drifts further?

Mel Gibson tapes might have been doctored

Use the comments as an open thread on any of these topics.

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  2. You serve up the good stuff and I link to it. I've got the easy side of the bargain! Heh.