Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Biden Oblivious to Left Wing Damage

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Air Force Two with Vice President Joe Biden aboard was involved in a minor accident with no injuries Wednesday morning at a Long Island airport.

A small private plane parked nearby was lifted a few feet into the air by the jet wash from Biden's plane as it taxied to take off from Francis S. Gabreski Airport, said Air Force spokeswoman Maj. Michelle Lai.

The left wing of the Piper Cub was damaged but no one was on board, Lai said. Biden's 757 took off with those on board apparently unaware of what had happened.

Clueless Joe damages Left Wing. Do you believe in signs??? Heh.

Biden's Air Force Two involved in minor accident at N.Y. airport


  1. What now? Joe's plane only has one wing.

  2. Knowing the way that Joe screws up history, he probably tells people there were fewer TSA agents at Kitty Hawk than there are today!


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