Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hillary for Veep?

Don't bet the farm on it!
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There's been some buzz about dropping Tailgunner Joe Biden from the ticket in 2012 and replacing him with Hillary. You will note that this is not coming from the Hillary camp. John Fund notes:

Former Virginia Gov. Doug Wilder, his state's first African-American governor, touched off the controversy. Writing at last week, Mr. Wilder argued that Mr. Biden's tenure has been undistinguished and chock full of "too many YouTube moments." He charged that Mr. Biden "has continued to undermine what little confidence the public may have had in him."

By way of contrast, Mr. Wilder says that Hillary Clinton has excelled in her role. "Clinton has been nothing but a team player who has earned good marks since being asked to serve as secretary of state." Having Mrs. Clinton join the 2012 ticket, he said, would revive the Democratic Party and reestablish the party's working-class voters who found her appealing during the 2012 primaries against Mr. Obama.

Now I have gone on the record saying that Joe Biden will not be Obama's running mate in 2012 "Joe Biden is Toast" Feb. 1 2010

And I have also noted that James Carville, who is very much in the Clinton camp, has started attacking young Mr. Obama. This, I believe was the first shot fired of Hillary 2012.

But, just for the barest of moments, let's do the math on Hillary as Veep:

Hillary will be 63 this Fall, 65 in 2012. If she aspires to the Big Chair, and she wants to get there by being Veep first, assuming BO is reelected (God forbid!), then she would be 69 at the end of Obama's (shudder) second term.

If she aspires to serve two terms herself, that would put her at 77 years old standing at the Inauguration of her successor.

Now I don't know about you, but I don't think I'd want to take on the power (and the perks) and the responsibilities that age the occupant of the Oval Office so quickly at that age.

My money is on Hillary taking on BO in the primaries for all the marbles while she still has all hers!

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  1. Yep she is going after him. I think she will step down from the cabinet after November

  2. I'm on board with Trestin other than I look for the Obama to try to appease Hillary by offering her Biden's job in an effort to control her. And don't expect her to accept.

  3. A couple things could be going on here. It could just be a trial balloon sent up by the Obama camp to see what her reaction might be.
    The other, could be a Chicago style head fake, try to make Hillary think she's getting the number two spot in a cakewalk until it's too late for her to mount her own campaign to challenge him. I think she's too smart for that. She'll keep her options open 'til the last dog dies, as they used to say.


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