Friday, August 13, 2010

Kentucky Homeowner Shoots Burglar

John Lott points to this story out of Kentucky where a masked man was shot breaking into someone's home by the homeowner.

Not to stereotype people, but did you see that guy's mug shot??

Oh, yeah. I'm trying to think of a time when I wanted to rent a house where I didn't show up with a ski mask, gloves and a crowbar!

The homeowner dispatched him with a .410 shotgun. I would used a somewhat larger gauge, myself, but it was sufficient to get the job done. In a gun fight, any gun is preferable to no gun. Don't believe me? Just ask Crowbar Boy!

The very end of the video stated no charges would be brought against the homeowner. Chalk one up for the good guys.


  1. One less bottom feeder, who found out the hazards of robbind people might be lead posions.

  2. So far, it looks like this guy's sole contribution to society was providing low cost, second hand appliances and merchandise at other people's expense!

  3. Gun control means being able to hit your target so.....this is gun control at its finest.

    If the lefties get their panties in a bunch just tell them it was a late term (123 trimesters or so) abortion.

  4. Who knows what may have happened to the homeowner if the burglar got hold of him while carrying a crow bar?
    It's a sad but factual statistic that where law abiding citizens are allowed to arm themselves, crime rates fall. What bad guy would dare attack home or person not knowing if the victim may be armed and able to defend themselves?
    States with restrictive gun laws just don't get it and the citizenry are often too timid to stand up to their politicians.

  5. Solus: There's a reason why Mr. Colt's invention was sometimes called an "equalizer". In this case, it equalized an elderly man with a much younger man armed with a blunt instrument.


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