Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New York City's Gone Mad . . . Again

New York's King Michael Bloomberg
By guest blogger Andrew Roman

Not that I should necessarily expect any different, but I admit to being somewhat astounded at the persistent descent into head-scratching inanity that has shaped and defined post-Giuliani New York City in recent years.

Indeed, New York City's tried and true liberalism is a given. To say the Big Apple leans left is to say that water has a certain dampness to it. Those glorious days of the 2004 Republican Convention, when the streets were teeming with throngs of folks from the right-of-center, are but a smile on my face that liberals who pass me on the street don't understand.

But run-of-the-mill, everyday, big-city liberal buffoonery is not quite the same as full-fledged, red-light, big government, multicultural leftist absurdity.

This city has, in a couple of words, gone mad.

Or, perhaps better stated, its leadership has.

It wasn’t enough that its billionaire Mayor (with his own Obama-light messiah-complex) decided to usurp the will of the people by thumbing his nose at term limits. Only he could save and run the city the right way ... and he told us so.

It wasn’t enough that privately owned establishments, like bars and restaurants, were banned from allowing smoking on their premises. After all, matters of health are now moral issues ... and health trumps liberty. (Am I the only one who still finds it astonishing that one cannot smoke in a bar in New York City?)

It wasn’t enough that an all out government offensive against salt – wonderful, flavor-bringing, taste-enhancing, complementary, lip-smacking, i-love-liberty salt – became a major crusade for Big Apple big government. After all, only government regulation can save us from our greedy, taste-bud indulging selves.

It wasn’t enough that privately owned restaurants were told what oils they could and could not cook with. Thanks to the warm, nurturing hand of government, it's only a matter of time before our government-defined quality of life is enhanced exponentially because of the expunging of evil trans fatty oils.

It wasn’t enough that Mayor Bloomberg actually renamed a street in Queens after a career criminal (Sean Bell). (Yes, that was the Reverend Al Sharpton casting his overseer's shadow on the whole affair).

It wasn’t enough that New York’s illustrious mayor actually invited illegal aliens to come to the sanctuary city of New York to forget their troubles. Said the Mayor: "People who are undocumented do not have to worry about city government going to the federal government."


He literally said that tourists and businesses should avoid Arizona and come to New York instead: "People from around the world may think twice before visiting Arizona and subjecting themselves to potential run-ins with the police ... We’re happy to have those businesses and tourists come here."

It wasn’t enough that immediately after the attempted terrorist attack on Times Square, Bloomy reflexively said the perpetrator was probably an opponent to ObamaCare. After all, knee-jerking toward a conservative scapegoat is less hazardous to one's health than, say, suggesting that it might have been a Muslim.

It isn’t enough that Wal Mart is still not allowed to open a store in this city, despite New York being part of the liberty-loving, free-market-based nation called the United States of America. There literally were rallies in front of City Hall in Manhattan against Wal Mart setting up shop anywhere in the five boroughs.

It isn’t enough that this state inexplicably forbids mail ordering cigarettes from other states despite New York being part of the liberty-loving, free-market-based nation called the United States of America. I'd love someone to explain that one to me.

It isn’t enough that the Mayor of New York supports the construction of the Ground Zero mosque in the name of tolerance and religious freedom, even though the matter has nothing - absolutely nothing - to do with rights. It has to do with doing what's right. There is simply no moral justification for constructing a mosque and Islmaic cultural center in the vicinity of Ground Zero when there are a plethora of other locations on which to do so.

It isn’t enough that one of our Senators is Chuck Schumer.

But it only gets better.

Late last month, after a series of violent acts were perpetrated against Mexicans in the Port Richmond section of Staten Island, the Consulate General of Mexico in New York City, said that he will be assigning his own people to patrol the streets of the borough.

His own people.

That’s right … A foreign diplomat will be posting security personnel on the streets of an American city to protect Mexican “immigrants" against Americans.

If ever there was anything that could be extracted from the "You Cant Make This Stuff Up" file, this would be one.

John M. Annese of SI Live writes:

“We will act decisively in order to protect our citizens and will actively promote that those guilty of these vicious attacks are brought to justice expeditiously. We are working hand-in-hand with local authorities on all levels,” said the Consul General of Mexico in New York, Rubén Beltrán in a statement emailed to an Advance reporter.

“In response to the escalating violence against Mexicans in Port Richmond, Staten Island, the Consulate General of Mexico in New York is posting personnel that will remain in the borough until further notice. This, in order to safeguard their rights and effectively assist and provide information to the Mexican residents of this area,” Beltrán wrote.

Beltran, the counsel general of Mexico, condemned the latest spate of alleged Staten Island bias crimes. Back in April, Beltran appeared with Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Borough President James P. Molinaro in the aftermath of several other incidents that occurred at the time.

The Mexican diplomat also called upon local authorities to “conduct a thorough investigation” of the alleged hate-crime cases. He also offered “extensive cooperation and all the necessary support to ensure that justice is served.”

"Decisively?" What exactly is that supposed to mean? He spoke with almost as much authority as the Mexican President did earlier this year when he came to America to tell us how horrible this country's immigration policy is.

To begin with ... violence against innocents is never acceptable, no matter the victim. It goes without saying.

But the irony here is that when one of our own state governments finally elected to take "decisive action" to protect its citizenry - specifically, Arizona's passage of its controversial illegal aliens law - cries of racism and racial profiling immediately echoed across the map. Such a law could only be born of racism and intolerance, so we were told by the compassionate masses.

Thus, based on the lamestream media's absolute lack of coverage or commentary on this particular Staten Island matter, it is apparently no problem for foreigners to come here and protect foreigners, but it is unacceptable for Americans to protect Americans from foreigners.


Of course, to be fair, the people who were attacked on Staten Island could very well be legal.

The real question is: How do these Mexican patrollers know whom to protect? Wouldn't they, by definition, have to "profile?"



  1. This is the logical end of liberalism. Natives end up bound by a thousand petty bureaucratic rules while apologizing for everything American, as they become strangers in their own land.

  2. Mexicans patrolling Staten Island? Gosh. I guess they really will do jobs Americans won't do!

    Thanks for yet another fine commentary, Andrew!


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