Friday, August 20, 2010

Quote du jour

Offshore drilling prevents spills in another way as well. Thanks to a National Academy of Sciences study, even conservation groups grudgingly admit that thalassic seepage, i.e. natural oozing — call it Gaian incontinence — is a greater source of oil pollution on America’s coasts than offshore drilling. In fact, peer-reviewed studies confirm that drilling for subsea oil reduces natural seepage, by alleviating the pressure on poor Mother Nature’s bladder. Needless to say, no one in the oil industry is waiting for a thank-you note from Greenpeace.

-Jonah Goldberg

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  1. Someone should tell B.O. and his bunch!

  2. This is absolutely true...until there is a blowout that spills millions of barrels into the ocean over a short period of time. But that is highly unlikely and if that were to happen, it would easily be contained, right?

    It's fun to downplay a major ecological disaster!

  3. "It's fun to downplay a major ecological disaster!"
    You mean like those hard right crazies down at CNBC?

    I added an "update" to the quote so that I could post the graphic.

    Tell us, Chicken much of the sky is falling where you llive?

  4. Very true. I have to admit I was one of the ones who bought into the over hype of the spill

  5. Hey, I never said the sky was falling, but I think it would be immensely stupid and insensitive to downplay the impact of the spill by equating it to a beer can on a football field. Thank you for your scientific analysis! I'm sure the Gulf Coast fishermen who's livelihoods could be effected for years to come would appreciate your sensitivity. And then there's the ecological impact, which we still don't know the full extent of. But if it comforts you to think that it's no big deal, then keep posting this kind of silly shit.

  6. Gosh, Danny! I'd ask for a refund on My "Hooked on Phonics" if I was you! What you call "my" scientific analysis is from the über-right wing (snicker) CNBC.

    You may not realize it, but the worst of the economic disaster to the Gulf is from the Chicken Little, Sky is Falling Obama administration which tried to scare the socks off Gulf vacationers, and seafood consumers and shut down the oil industry there.

    But if it comforts you to think that it's no big deal, then keep commenting this kind of silly "Obama produce".

  7. CNBC is a shitty cable station and a terrible place to get your information about the oil spill. I will not defend the Obama administration's response to the spill, but for you imply in any way that the extent of this disaster was overstated is indefensible.

    Even on the low end estimates of the amount of oil spilled in the Gulf, this is the worst offshore spill in history. Also the worst ecological disaster that our country has faced in years. If you're not outraged, then you probably don't care.

  8. "but for you imply (sic) in any way"
    Not only should you ask for a refund from "Hooked on Phonics", Danny, you have an excellent case for suing your elementary schools and its teachers! (Is "Danny: C" something you heard a lot in school?)

    Although I appreciate your hyperventilation over Mother Gaia, and you parroting the Obama administration's talking points not withstanding, I am confident that when all is said and done, (more said than done) it will be shown that the scare tactics and overreaction from Obama's White House will be shown to be far more deleterious to the economy than the spill.

    But, thanks for playing!

  9. Ha! Hooked on Phonics. That's rich. It's interesting to see your response to these comments. Instead of really defending your beliefs, you attack my grammar or say "well, 10% of Democrats also believe that it's true", or "I got this info from CNBC".

    But you really can't argue with someone who doesn't care and it's painfully clear that you really don't give a shit about the environmental impact of the oil spill. As long as you can get your relatively cheap gas, you're good to go. That selfish lack of concern is sad to see and all too common among conservatives.

  10. Danny: So many assumptions, so little time! First of all, as far as "defending my beliefs", you do realize that I did not write about "my beliefs" per se, but offered a freaking quote! I quoted Mo Do the other day...doesn't mean I agree with her.
    Second, I demonstrated that even liberal sources do not buy into your Chicken Little Death Star scenario about the Gulf. As far as your literate and well reasoned arguments here (yeah! I crack myself up!), your overgeneralizations about all conservatives based on what few posts you have read here, is common among brain dead liberals (such as yourself) and you wonder why I do not take more time to destroy them, rather than merely mock you for your stupidity.

    Wait right there for further explanation on the rest of your assumptions...


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