Saturday, August 7, 2010

(Video) Boys Scouts Boo Obama at the National Boy Scouts Jamboree

by the Left Coast Rebel

You know, they say --- when you have lost the Boy Scouts, you have lost America:

Gateway Pundit has context:

Barack Obama skipped the 100th Anniversary Boy Scout Jamboree this year. He went on “The View” instead.
But he did send the scouts at the jamboree a video.

They booed him.

And another point too - ponder just how Dear Leader-like the Obama Boy Scout speech on the screen is in the video - it's like something out of a dystopian science fiction film.

(hat tip Leslie Eastman at Temple of Mut) Cross posted to Left Coast Rebel.

Updated: Doug Powers writing at Malkin gives more context:

Every US president since William Howard Taft has served as the honorary president of the Boys Scouts of America. President Obama accepted his role as honorary president in March of last year. So as you know, when the 100th anniversary of the Boys Scouts came along late last month, Obama decided to… go on The View instead. Hey, when you’re down 14 points with women, an American institution like the Boy Scouts will just have to wait.

However, Obama did record a message that was broadcast to the 43,000 Boy Scouts in attendance at the National Jamboree in Virginia.

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  1. "They booed him."
    See? There is hope for this next generation!

  2. You know what they say: Show Scouts only in a bad light, people will get the idea Scouting is a bad idea.

    Shame on you.


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