Monday, August 23, 2010

"Young Mattie Fein"

(With apologies to Mary Shelley and Mel Brooks!)

The most unusual political ad since demon sheep: Young Mattie Fein!

H/T Doug Ross


  1. That's a weird one. And yes, almost as weird as the demon sheep ad. Where do they get these ad agencies?

  2. That is an awesome ad! (I'm a big Mel Brooks fan, especially Young Frankenstein)

  3. It's unusual, I'll giver her that! I just hope it's effective!

  4. "Young Mattie Fein" - Very clever takeoff on Mel Brooks "Young Frankenstein." Ladd Ehlinger Jr. ups the ante on creative campaign ads and takes it up a notch from his own "best campaign ad ever" for Dale "Give a Rip" Peterson.


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