Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Former President Jimmy Carter Stricken with Air Sickness

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Former President Jimmy Carter (I love saying that!) heading over "flyover country" on a commercial flight to Cleveland for a book signing was hospitalized for a bout of "air sickness" on his flight in. Air sickness, as you know, is typically accompanied with the extreme desire to vomit.

Having had you as president, Mr. Carter. I know we can all sympathize. Think of it as the country "returning the favor".


  1. Given his options, I guess it was a good decision on his part to choose the Navy over the Air Force as a means to serve in the military. You'll note I didn't say "serve his country". That is due to his history, I'm left guessing what country he's loyal to.

  2. I voted for the guy first time around back then. Big mistake. Having some problems with my blogger blogs so have opened a typepad blog, but will maintain the others as long as allowed.

  3. Ron: You are forgiven for your youthful indiscretion of voting for Carter.


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