Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jerry Brown: Fictional Crimefighter

In 2006, while running for AG, one of Brown's opponents ran this ad. It may be noteworthy today, in light of ads that the former Governor Moonbeam is running these days portraying himself as a law and order candidate, and the news that California may be executing a death row inmate soon.

For those with short memories, or who weren't born when Jerry actively opposed the death penalty, to the point of appointing the infamous Rose Bird as Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court, according to wiki:

She reviewed a total of 64 capital cases appealed to the court. In each instance she issued a decision overturning the death penalty that had been imposed at trial.

Sixty four cases. Sixty four times Bird voted to overturn the death penalty. Rose Bird was ideologically opposed to the death penalty as was Brown. Brown appointed Bird as Chief Justice in a state where the electorate voted to uphold the death penalty by a two to one margin.
We used to say that "Jerry Brown gave California the Bird!"

As AG, Brown is touting his position as "Chief Law Enforcement agent of the state", as in order to appeal to the center (or the uninformed). He may even play a role in this upcoming execution to bolster his law and order cred. Whether he cynically takes credit for it or subtly undermines it on some point of procedure remains to be seen.

In the meantime, look for Brown to continue to tout his imaginary zeal for law enforcement with a straight face.

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