Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Linkaround

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How The Smartest Man In The World Got Rolled By Wall Street

Our distracted commander in chief -Krauthammer

Allen West Ad: “This is What America is All About” –

Why Sen. Barbara Boxer will lose to Carly Fiorina -Politico

Obama's backdoor gun ban: Government is blocking sale of historic weapons

Obama Could Use Some Clintonesque Salesmanship

Two Rallies in Washington DC One Honored Dr. King, The Other Spread Divisiveness

Congresswoman Violated Nepotism Rules, Funneled Thousands to Family and Friends
“Drain the swamp“, anyone?

Things the U.S. government could do without

TOTUS Malfunction

So, The Wage Gap IS True. Only, It’s Men Who Earn Less

Gloria Winters, Perky Star of Wholesome ‘Sky King’, Dies

No surprise here: More than half of Britain's wind farms have been built where there is not enough wind because of generous government

Photo Essay: When It's Okay to Drop the F-Bomb

“You Picked a Fine Time to Lead Us, Barack”

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