Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Linkaround

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Home Depot co-founder Blasts Obama Administration

Oh, Dear Lord -Jonah Goldberg

The Battle for America 2010: Campaigns State-by-State, Six Weeks To Go

"The government can't even get out of its own way." Stimulus weatherization program a bust in Michigan due to absurd regulations

The Government is engaging in Enron accounting about the debt

Jimmy Carter: My Presidency was a Success

The magical thinking of Barack Obama

40 Reasons To Ban Guns

3-year-olds being labeled bigots by teachers as 250,000 children accused of racism

Retire Barbara Boxer

DOJ Official Gave False Testimony About Dropping New Black Panther Case

Eight Politicians Arrested In California For Stealing 5 Million From Taxpayers, Media Neglects To Mention They’re ALL Democrats

Billboard of the Day


Lindsey Graham on Murkowski’s Honor

Oak Ridge security officer struck by bullet fragments when Gatling gun malfunctions

Another Democrat's Shameful Racism

Obama and the Gang - Top 20 Socialist Sound Bites

Soup Lines In the Age of Electronic Funds Transfer

Democrats: Nothing to offer but fear itself

Former VP Walter Mondale Compares Downfall of Jimmy Carter to Obama, Tells Him to Ditch TOTUS…

Learn About Your Democratic Candidate?

Use the comments as an open thread on any of these topics.

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