Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Three Way With Murkowski Hurts Dem Candidate in AK

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No, not a ménage à trois! (Though the thought did occur to me while writing the headline!) Now that you have the image of Murkowski as the object de' desire of a different kind of three way, let's look at the three way race in Alaska.
Yid With Lid points out that Murkowski's write in candidacy may hurt the Dem more than it does Joe Miller.

According to a Rasmussen poll released this morning shows that Senator Lisa Murkowski's write-in effort to hold on to the Alaska senate seat, actually helps fellow Republican Joe Miller. In the last poll completed in late August, Miller had a six point lead over Democrat Scott McAdams, but this latest poll taken on 9/19, two days after Murkowski announced her spoiler campaign, Miller has the support of 42% of Alaskan voters, 15% higher than Murkowski's 27% and 17% over Democrat McAdams' 25%.

Seems like Murkowski's schemes may not work out quite as well as she planned. Of course, if that doesn't work out, there may be some Alaskans lonely enough to enjoy a three way with her?

This has been your Schadenfreude moment of the day.

More at Yid with Lid


  1. Nah. A three way with Murkowski is its own punishment!

  2. Well, if you can believe Hannitized, some people are even desperate enough to even sleep with him, so I'd guess the answer is...yes!

  3. What if Palin jumps in as promised? She would straight out
    primary Madcowski and crush the Donk!


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