Thursday, September 30, 2010

Van Tran for Congress: New Van Tran Ad

by the Left Coast Rebel

The race for California 47th congressional district this week has been a ghost town in comparison to the Whitman/Nannygate bombshell. However, Donald Douglas at American Power came across a real gem, it's a new, effective ad from the Van Tran Campaign.

Loretta Sanchez, stop ducking debates:

It is great and especially effective that they spliced in the audio from Loretta Sanchez's Chief of Staff claiming a Sanchez favorite - that she couldn't seem to find the time to debate Van Tran. I came across this facet quite a bit while researching the race. Funny too that they used the Hefner/Playboy Mansion angle just like I did in my PJM piece!

Bonus Video: "Loretta Sanchez, Race Baiter":

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