Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Artesians...I Seen 'Em!"

I captioned a picture of Jerry Brown over on another blog, where he looked like the kind of guy who would tell you about all the UFOs he's seen. It reminded me of a series of beer commercials on in the '80s, at least on the Left Coast, from the Olympia Brewing Company in Tumwater, Washington. Their claim to fame was that their beer was brewed from "pure artesian spring water". I couldn't find the exact ads, where slightly crazed, backwoods individuals would tell you about the mysterious "Artesians", whose water they were using. ("Artesians: I seen 'em!") But here's a couple, the first one starring character actor Richard Farnsworth:

So, let's just call this waltz down memory lane "Beer Commercial Sunday"!

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