Saturday, October 30, 2010

Christina Hendricks With a Big Smile Across Her Chest

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Looks like she's got her Halloween costume all picked out!

More at The Last Tradition


  1. well, something is big there....Not that i notice everything.

  2. I fully endorse this post.

    I have been a Christina fan ever since I saw her on Firefly.

    She has big breasts? I never noticed.

  3. fleece: This is the second time I've heard reference to her on Firefly. I watched the series first run (until they cancelled it) and then went out and bought the series on DVD, but don't remember her. Guess I'll have to watch it again!

    Randy: You notice plenty! (And here, you have plenty to notice!)

  4. Proof

    Thanks for the linky love! It's hard for me to see Mad Men. But, Chrisitne Hendricks is definately my kind of woman, big and juicy!

  5. SG: Keep posting pictures of La Belle Christina, and you'll see more "linky love"!

  6. @Proof - She was the woman Mal accidentally married that actually turned out be a con-artist/thief. Most of the episode she was a docile country girl who kept trying to sleep with him...damn she looked good. Thank god my wife doesn't read my comments, lol.

  7. I remember that episode. I didn't realize that CH was the one. Good excuse to go back and check!


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