Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ladies: Be Thankful Jerry Brown Isn't Your Doctor!

...he's just the guy who might save the state a buck in denying your access to a mammogram. Politico, hardly a right wing apparatus, has an old video of candidate Jerry Brown:

“Ten thousand women, three women will be saved for one year." -Jerry Brown

Whatever happened to "Those decisions should be between a woman and her doctor"?
This video is a precursor to health care rationing. Look for even more if Brown takes the reins of a near bankrupt state.

Even more ironic is that this comes to light after the endorsement from NOW, a group that also ironically touts itself as "pro women".

Update: I just had an unpleasant thought. Jerry Brown has had aspirations for the Oval Office before. Could it be in this geezer's mind, that if he can just retake the Governor's mansion, he will run for President again to replace Obama's broken promises with a genuine California brand of misery? Just a thought...

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