Friday, October 15, 2010

Rahm Emanuel: Obama President During "Toughest Time in America"

Pat Caddell on the lies and hyperbole of the Obama administration:

I know this is not "new news", but it is refreshing to hear a Democrat tell us "the Emperor has no clothes". In Rahm's defense, and to put things in perspective, his remark about Obama being president in the "toughest times America had ever faced" was just shortly after he'd had breakfast and made the toughest decision he'd ever had to make: "Wheat toast, or white?"

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  1. Like all good libs, he's a historical dunce

  2. I see. From this administrations point of view events like the Civil War, WWII, and even the Cuban missle crisis where just walks in the park. I suppose when you're not qualified for the job you've accepted everybody elses problems seem mundane.

    Remind me again how these imbeciles got to where they are, I know I didn't vote for any of them!

  3. I think it's like the time where Clinton said he'd worked harder than any time in his life to make those tax cuts a reality, but in the end he just couldn't.
    Anything a Democrat does is the hardest thing there ever was. (Don't confuse them with the facts!)


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