Monday, October 11, 2010

Your Taxes Are Going Up in January- No Matter What

I heard this on the radio this afternoon. By neglecting their duties to the American people and putting off until after the election, making a hard decision on extending any of the Bush tax cuts, the Democrat controlled Congress deprived the IRS of sufficient time to calculate and implement those reduced tax rates. By law, the very sunset law that Democrats insisted upon when the Bush tax cuts were implemented, your taxes must go up.

Lets recap: The Democrats forced a sunset provision onto the Bush tax cuts, insuring that if they were not extended by 2010, your taxes would go up.
The Democrats failed to extend them. Therefore, the Democrats are responsible, doubly responsible for making your taxes go up.

Pelosi and Reid have been in charge of Congress since 2007. They've had three years to extend any or all of them. They Did Nothing.

The Obama administration and the Democrats have controlled all three branches of government for 22 months. They Did Nothing.

How can we reward the Democrats for our taxes being raised this January? We can show Democrats our appreciation for higher taxes this November, by making them all civilians and thus subject to all the laws they have passed.

Your your appreciation. Show them the door.

Video via Flopping Aces

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