Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Great News out of Florida! (Unless you're a Mitt Romney fan)

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Public Policy Polling has Mitt Romney dropping from over fifty percent, when originally polled against Huckabee and Palin, to thirty one per cent when Gingrich and Ron Paul's names were added to the poll, down to twenty one percent in their latest poll.

"...in later polls the anti-Palin sentiment was diffused across several candidates and Romney's mile wide but inch deep support declined further and further and further to where it is now."

Mile wide and an inch deep? Mitt has many things to like about him, but his baggage outweighs them all. RomneyCare, in Massachusetts (as I noted here) is one of the most expensive in the country, did not realize savings from decreased ER usage, and is heavily dependent on bailouts form the federal government to keep it solvent.

ObamaCare, which is strikingly similar to RomneyCare, has no Uncle Sugar to bail it out. It is doomed to failure. Romney simply hasn't the credentials to wipe out whatever vestiges there are of Obama care when 2012 rolls around.

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  1. Proof, While I am no Romney fan, this is not what I would deem good news being Huckabee and Palin are even considered let alone Gingrich.

    This is a whose who list of RINO's with the exception of Ron Paul who by the way could never pull off a national election successfully.

    2012 is just around the corner and if the GOP actually wants to win back the White House they had better get conservatives to run.

  2. One at a time, my friend. One at a time.

  3. Good analysis of this character Romney and the the field for the GOP in 2012. Who do you like for 2012? Sarah is my favorite to take back America. She has all the smarts and charisma..and great legs. If she can't beat the Kendonesian we're doomed to four more years of socialism, sharia, and queer marriages.

  4. Romney care is killing him, as it should. Goodbye and good riddance to the entire failed class of 2010. Huck is a big government statist and Sarah is not ready. Two years as governor of a sparsely populated state with a small budget is not enough experience. Newt need to get lost too.

    Time for new new blood with new, small government ideas.

  5. TnLL: I don't know that I have a favorite yet. There are a few I'm keeping an eye on, but the coming year will show whether or not they're ready for prime time.
    SF: I agree pretty much across the board. Mitt, Huck and Newt are all yesterday's news. I do like Sarah, but like you, I feel she needs more seasoning before she takes the national stage again. She could do quite a bit, however, as to who the next nominee will be.

  6. How can you not like Sarah? She's the kind of grizzly that I would like to cuddle with. Sarah with Newt as VP cannot lose. Newt has great experience...he was responsible for the economic turnaround in the 90s. Sarah gets that we need smaller government and less spending so we can cut taxes and cut regulations. Surely that will get us back on track a prevent all future problems.

  7. I didn't say I didn't like her, I do. I said she's not ready yet.

    Newt has never run anything other than his mouth. He had a few years as a doer in congress and that's it.

    He is in love with government, he believes the global warming crap and he's too close to the Clintons. His time has come and gone.

  8. Ha! Global warming. It's cold as shit here.

  9. I would never agree to vote for Romney considering Romneycare and all the rest of his baggage. I hope this trend of Romney losing in the polls continues. I like Sarah Palin, Mike Pence, and John Thune. Huckabee would be a pretty good choice. I have mixed feelings about Newt Gingrich.

  10. TnLL: Newt had good experience, but he's made some really bad decisions of late, backing RINOs over conservatives. I would like to see his strategic skills put to good use, but not at the top of the ticket. I like Newt, but not as our next presidential candidate.


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