Saturday, December 4, 2010

Surgically Enhanced Breasts: "As Erotic as a Plastic Chair"

One Brit's take on surgically enhanced breasts.
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I have encountered artificial breasts only once — and believe me, that was enough.

‘Sophie’ worked in publishing and was very beautiful and very brainy. But, as I discovered when we became intimate, she was also a faker.

‘Don’t you like them?’ she asked.

‘Of course I do,’ I lied, not wishing to hurt her feelings.

In fact, they were about as erotic as a plastic chair.

If only women realized what a waste of time and money such operations are. Have we men made you so insecure that you think the quickest way to our hearts is through a big chest? The truth is that most men are happier with the real thing — no matter what a woman’s natural size.

I tend to agree. I have one friend from high school, who occasionally emails me photos of women in various stage of undress. Breasts the size of volleyballs (or basketballs) appended to one's chest tend to look make one look more freakish than sexy, IMHO.

Spring for the sexy lingerie* instead of surgery, ladies! Gents? 'Tis the season!

*Not a paid endorsement by Victoria's Secret or anyone else... darn it!

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