Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gabrielle Giffords Gun Incident in 2009

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Ms. Giffords in happier times

In all the rush to judgment over the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, there was an eerily strange bit in the NYT account.

in August 2009, when there were demonstrations against the health care measure across the nation, a protester who showed up to meet Ms. Giffords at a supermarket event similar to Saturday’s was removed by the police when the pistol he had holstered under his armpit fell and bounced on the floor.

Arizona is an "open carry" state. Is this anecdote from 2009 an indication that she aroused strong feelings in the past, and an incident was prevented? Or does this simply mean that someone, possibly even an ardent supporter of hers, was lawfully carrying a firearm that somehow got dislodged from its holster, prompting the police response? I don't know. This is not the time for over generalizations about politics or gun control. What I've seen so far about the shooter tends to portray him as a nut job, perhaps even psychotic.

All I'm saying is keep your powder dry* until all the facts are out.

*Closed Captioning for the Language Impaired: Figuratively speaking

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  1. This guy is obviously a severely disturbed psychotic person and had nothing to do with the Tea Party, but the Progressive blogs are already blaming them and Sarah Palin.!
    How freaken pathetic can you get!

  2. We call them "knee jerk" liberals for a reason!
    (Sometimes, we omit "knee".)

  3. Absolutely no humor intended. I'm somewhat surprised to find the shooter isn't a resident of Hawaii if you know what I mean. Obsessive compulsive disorder can lead to various circumstances. I've tried to warn you not to encourage their behavior.

  4. The tea parties will be blamed before it's all over.

  5. It's already stared, SF. The talking point about Sarah having bullseyes on her website is being spread by lots of lefties. To hear them tell it, they weren't points on a map showing political districts (which they were), they make it sound like Sarah posted their photos with crosshairs on all of them.

    All part of the big lie.

    spart: I doubt the Tiki Twerp knows which end the round comes out.


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