Thursday, January 6, 2011

Obama's Island Getaway an Illegal Rental

Obama's Winter White House an Illegal Rental

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If I'd wanted an illegal rental, I could have asked Tony Rezko!

President Barack Obama's two-week stay at his Hawaii Winter White House was illegal under a long-standing Honolulu ban on short-term rentals.

Obama did not break the law by staying at the house, but the property owner who rented his house to the Obamas does not have the permit that would allow a stay of fewer than 30 days.

You'd think someone with as much juice as the President could have somebody find out and comply with a few simple real estate ordinances! Since he's been vacationing there since 2008, and although his vacations are frequent, they haven't been 30 days long (yet), the other rentals must have been illegal, too?

Maybe the landlord can finagle a presidential pardon?

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  1. I hate to say it, but nobody cares if he stayed at a house that was rented illegally, they care that he is the president illegally. Just because he takes a vacation in Hawaii don't make him born there. You should help spread the news that our president is Kendonesian and possibly a moslem.


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