Saturday, January 22, 2011

Quote du jour

Anybody else here old enough to remember Jimmy Carter being televised, sitting in the Oval Office with his sweater on while he urged the country to conserve energy? He was the President of the frikken' United States! He could have set the thermostat for 95 degrees (not unlike Barack Obama) and run around the White House in his skivvies if he'd wanted to. (I apologize for the terrible image. Mind bleach is on Aisle 2) But he didn't. He was attempting to lead by example. A concept that seems to have escaped this president.

Ain't it funny when one has to compare Carter's leadership skills to another President...favorably??



  1. I remember. But wasn't the reason we were to keep the thermostat down, Global Cooling?


  2. Reason Magazine celebrates Carter for deregulating beer, making microbreweries possible. Another thing, Amy went to public schools.

  3. Yeah. I remember Time magazine touting the "Next Coming Ice Age"

    Mrs. C: Jimmy's been waking up with a big grin on his face for the last two years ...and Rosalynn had nothing to do with it!


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