Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Linkaround

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Before Talking About Gun Control, First Learn Something About Guns!

Romney wins a 2011 NH straw poll. So what?

Public Ed: Teachers terrorize schoolchildren by telling them World War 3 had started, led them to basement and set off fireworks and a siren

The 9/11 Memorial Rip-Off

Mustache Sexiness Timeline

Unbelievable… Pianist Plays Anti-American Pro-Commie Song at Obama White House State Dinner

Video Top 10: Olbermann’s Greatest Hits

EPA ruling means most foods and drinks are polluted

Tucson Aftermath Not the Left’s First Political Witch Hunt

Reason Obama will not release birth certificate is because his name is legally written “Barry Soetoro” on it?

Do We Need a Department of Homeland Security or a TSA? (No)

Allen West Denounces Obama Regime for Allowing PLO to Fly its Flag in DC: “A Slap in Israel’s Face”

[Anti-]American Asses

AP Fact Checks Liar-In-Chief… Weasel Zippers

A Quick 65 Points …on the SOTU

SOTU Speech In One Sentence

Hawaii Dem Gov. Neil Abercrombie Admits There Are No Obama Birth Records In His State…

Two State of the Union Speeches Later… (Great Venn diagram!)

Obama's State of the Union Was Tantamount to Plagiarism

Utah could be first to have state gun?

HUD-Funded Housing Projects Wasted Money on Belly Dancers, Sex Offenders and Dead Residents

Top Ten Reasons to Support Herman Cain for President

Obama’s State of Union: ‘Cash for Flunkers’

The Top 7 Violent Left-Wingers You’re Not Supposed to Remember

Praising Edison While Banning His Lightbulb -- and Other Dim Ideas

Obama's Afghanistan Gaffe

Deepwater rigs moved out of the Gulf of Mexico

Mysterious Green Goop Falls From Sky –(Charles Johnson not immediately available for comment)

What Sauce Will Barack Obama Use When He Eats His Words?

Rule Five Roundup*:
Making My Tongue “Wag” –Support your local Gunfighter

Boob Job Kills Porn Star

Rule Five Sunday –The Other McCain

American Perspective

Rule Fiver Saturday, Hump Day Rule Five, Rule Five News –Camp of the Saints

Cheryl Cole Tweedy –Mind Numbed Robot

Eye of Polyphemus – Holly Valance, Scarlett Johansson

Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup, –Pirates Cove

Friday Pin up -Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

Friday Night Babe – Stephanie Seymour

Vintage Babe of the Week – Elizabeth Montgomery

Banned Jessica Simpson workout video– American Power

Rule Five Shameless Plugging , -Yankee Phil

Randy’s Roundtable – Thursday Nite Tart, Heidi Montag

Theo Spark – Bedtime Totty, Tuesday Totty, Bonus babe

Bar Rafaeli , First Ladies–Last Tradition

Full Metal Patriot – Midweek Peek

*By no means comprehensive.

Use the comments as an open thread on any of these topics.

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  1. "Deepwater rigs moved out of the Gulf of Mexico"

    Actually, that might mean now is a good time to invest in drilling companies other than Transocean (RIG). I jumped the gun and bought Nobel after the leak since it WASN'T Transocean and am now down 5 per share on that, but once they relocate rigs it'll come back. The rule is buy low and sell high and they're low when they "stack" rigs. BUY!

  2. They're going to be making money somewhere for someone. It just doesn't look like for US companies in the Gulf.

    For me, investing in petroleum futures means filling the tank!

  3. Thanks, Proof.

    BTW: Love this week's Vintage Babe.

  4. Little Lizzie was a pip, wasn't she?


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