Friday, January 28, 2011

Spam Foils Russian Black Widow Terrorist New Year's Eve Bombing

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A wannabee terrorist bomber became a true suicide bomber last New Year's Eve.

A "Black Widow" suicide bomber planned a terrorist attack in central Moscow on New Year's Eve but was killed when an unexpected text message set off her bomb too early, according to Russian security sources.

When I first heard this story, it was just described as a "Happy New Year" message. Now, it appears that this was a spam message from her cell phone carrier, much like the very sincere birthday wishes you get from your insurance agent.

The unnamed woman, who is thought to be part of the same group that struck Moscow's Domodedovo airport on Monday, intended to detonate a suicide belt on a busy square near Red Square on New Year's Eve in an attack that could have killed hundreds.

Security sources believe a spam message from her mobile phone operator wishing her a happy new year received just hours before the planned attack triggered her suicide belt, killing her but nobody else.

Which begs the question, when a female suicide bomber blows herself up, does she get 72 virgin (inexperienced) guys? Ladies, is that the dream for you?

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  1. HEH, I heard that on the radio on the way to work this morning. I laughed so hard I almost ran into the ditch!

    Here's an idea for DHS, just send hourly messages to all cell phones world wide. The spam will piss us off but the unexpected fireworks are crowd pleasers, especially when they don't go off in a crowd as intended

  2. BTW... What was the name of the biker gang in the movie "Every which way but loose"? Any relation?

  3. spart: A "feel good" story to be sure. It made me smile this AM even before I heard it might have been spam that set it off!

    "Black Widow", isn't there a Marvel Comics character by that name?

    Silverfiddle: Tres cool!

  4. Oh yeah, HEH, the black widows, what a bunch! The news I heard linked her to a rebel group that went by that name, and apparently they're not much brighter. Did you hear the same?

  5. BTW. What if DHS sent out global spam text messages, such as WTF?, once an hour every hour 24-7? That would kinda render the cell phone trigger useless, wouldn't it? I'm not a rocket scientist or anything...

  6. Maybe just random messages, so that if it blew them up, they would know it was the "will of Allah"...just like this one!

  7. "I heard linked her to a rebel group" I hadn't heard that. I just assumed they were trying to make African Americans look bad...


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