Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Zogby Poll: Chris Christie Beats Obama By 3 Points

'Twas the twelfth day of Christmas, that Zogby gave to me, 2012 Chris Christie over Barack Obama by three!

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In a poll where Obama tied Mitt Romney, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie beats him by three. And, among Republicans, Christie leas the pack with a ten point margin.

Of the following, which Republican would you vote for in 2012 for President if they are on the ballot?


Republican Voters

Chris Christie 27%

Mitt Romney 17%

Sarah Palin 16%

Mike Huckabee 14%

Mitch Daniels 5%

Tim Pawlenty 2%

John Thune 2%

Not sure/Other 18%

(Totals may not add up to 100% due to rounding.)

Now it is way too early in the election cycle for Governor Christie to start measuring the White House curtains, but I thought a little promising January news was in order!

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