Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Arianna Huffington Nude - No, Really?

Boys (and bloggers) will be boys! Apparently there's an "Arianna Huffington Nude" Google bomb going around. Put your photoshop where your mouth is, boys!

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Update: Note the "Nude and Improved" photo. My guardian angel and art critic decided my version wasn't cool enough. (But if she looks closely, she'll see where I touched up her version a tiny bit.) I'll let her decide if she wants to sign her work!


  1. She's got Michelle's toned upper arms. (Or Michelle in her upper arm. I can't quite tell!)

  2. OMG that's some good stuff Proof.

  3. Pound for pound...none better, John!

  4. Sorry, but she looked like Lindsay Lohan on a self tanner bender.

  5. And you thought us guys wouldn't go for a "Coppertan girl"?


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