Friday, February 18, 2011

The Burying Of The Lara Logan Story: Not Even About Ethics

by guest blogger Andrew Roman

Paging genuine journalism...


If ever there was a "cover-up" that needs to have the light of day cast upon it, this has to be it, don't you think?

An American female journalist is sexually assaulted while attempting to cover the protests in Egypt - assaulted by two hundred men, according to reports - and the incident gets practically no play in the lamestream media, most conspicuously from the news organization that sent her there. CBS actually sat on this story for five days before deciding to "officially" report it.

Keep in mind that habitual Hollywood-loser Charlie Sheen's latest foray into chemically-induced colossal stupidity attracted more media attention than Lindberg's arrival in Paris; yet, a sexual attack on a CBS news correspondent by a mob in Egypt was all but ignored ... that is, until other news outlets finally started talking about it, forcing CBS to finally acknowledge it.

But Egypt is a Muslim country. And there are narratives that need to be crafted and nurtured. There is an American President to prop up, and moral equivalencies to maintain.

The crowd that attacked Logan was characterized as a friendly one, a democracy-hungry gathering, with freedom on their minds and societal change in their sights - exactly the narrative the American lamestream media wanted. CBS even went as far as to say that Lara Logan was covering "jubilation" and "celebration" when she was attacked.

Well, thank goodness for that.

Perhaps it was inevitable that amidst the rifling through of raw footage from the protests, trying to compile as many "Obama is great!" and "Thank God for Obama" soundbites as they could find - of which there ultimately were none - the powers-that-be at CBS decided that they might actually have to report a story of evil-doings in a Muslim land.

That's what this is all about.

And don't give me that "protecting the privacy of the victim" angle as a counter-argument.

What? All of a sudden we are to believe that the dirty-laundry-loving mainstream media, willing to sell out their own grandmothers for a juicy scoop, were suddenly - magically - overcome with a bout of ethics?

(See that bridge over there?)

For those who would say that what happened to Logan has absolutely no business being reported by the news media, I would ask: If a CBS news correspondent were attacked by just ONE person at a Tea Party rally, would you feel exactly the same way?


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  1. I think it has been mentioned that this story doesn't fit the Obama narrative of young, fresh faced patriots, inspired by him to take to the streets, yearning for a more democratic way of life.


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