Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Obama Speaks! Will Huff Po Listen??

Of course, your responsibility goes beyond recognizing the need for certain standards and safeguards. If we're fighting to reform the tax code and increase exports to help you compete, the benefits can't just translate into greater profits and bonuses for those at the top. They should be shared by American workers, who need to know that expanding trade and opening markets will lift their standard of living as well as your bottom line. We cannot go back to the kind of economy - and culture - we saw in the years leading up to the recession, where growth and gains in productivity just didn't translate into rising incomes and opportunity for the middle class.

-Obama, to the Chamber of Commerce

Now that Arianna Huffington has sold her website to AOL for $315 million, possibly clearing as much as $100 million on the deal, do you think she will share the wealth with all the unpaid contributors that made her website what it is today? After all, the "benefits can't just translate into greater profits and bonuses for those at the top", can they? Will a good liberal like Arianna follow the precepts and admonitions of her fellow liberal President and "spread the wealth"?
Or will she simply take the money and run?


  1. Well there is always the possibility she will invest in Al Gores 'Current TV' starring Keith Olberf_ck.

    I have no clue where or if it can be seen but it will get her closer to the inner circle once again.

  2. I've heard rumors that some of her volunteer staff are none too pleased with having toiled for recognition alone while Arianna scoops up the cash.

    It will be interesting to see if they get paid (at least a token) under the new regime or bolt out of hurt feelings.

    Come to think of it, maybe it was because they were tokin' that they didn't ask to be paid?


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