Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Electing Obama was the "Pet Rock" of 2008

Remember pet rocks?

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It was a goofy idea in the seventies, that you take an ordinary rock, package it with a clever idea and sell it to millions of gullible people. It was a fad that lasted for a couple of years ( a couple of months for some) and then, everyone saw what a stupid idea it had been and lost interest.

Need I say more?

Editor's note: I never personally bought a pet rock. Some of us thought it was a stupid idea from the very beginning. I wonder if there's a parallel to 2008 in that?


  1. Good analogy. Goofy idea then, it was in 2008, and it will be in 2012...

  2. A sucker born every minute, as demonstrated by:

    Obama Chia Pet


    "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

  3. Speaking of novelties, Obama made a great Chia-Pet. I suspect it's because of all that manure in his noggin.

  4. Obama vs. Pet Rock:

    Pet rock just sits there and does nothing.
    Same could describe Obama presidency.

    Teach the pet rock to play golf and the analogy would be flawless.

  5. OMG! There is actually a Barack Obama action figure.

    I think a G.I. Joe action figure would kick BO's butt.

  6. Teresa: I did a post on a different, more realistic looking BO action figure here:


    Chia head, pet rock, plastic figure...notice any trends here?