Thursday, April 21, 2011

Andrew Breitbart Handles Hostile Interviewer- Video

If you've got a quarter of an hour to spare, and your blood pressure isn't too high, here's an interview between Martin Bashir ("Bash Here") and Andrew Breitbart.

One bit of comedy gold comes around ten minutes into the piece, where, after attacking Breitbart for incidents not in the book (and this was presumably this interview was to be about Breitbart's new book) Bashir says, "I want to focus on your book".

Remember how miffed Obama was when a Texas reporter supposedly didn't let him finish answering a question? Imagine if this guy, constantly interrupting Breibart had gone after Obama in such a fashion. Is there enough room at Gitmo for one more, I wonder?

Of course, a liberal would have gotten kid glove treatment instead of the yapping watchdog of the liberal media, Martin Bashir.

Too funny!

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  1. Andrew, handled that guy perfectly. He kept trying to bate him into an explosion, but Andrew stayed the course.

  2. Yeah. He kept his cool under intense badgering from what is possibly the worst interviewer, or at least the most intellectually dishonest interviewer I've ever seen. Dan Rather notwithstanding.

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  4. People ask why go goes on lefty shows, but I know why. He is an apostle of freedom and liberty preaching to the unwashed heathens.

    Andrew Breitbart is showing the way for conservatives. Time for us to bravely "push back the frontiers of ignorance," as Walter E Williams says.

    Get out and get in their faces and give them some pushback. That is the conservative model for a new generation

  5. Yeah. He's a good man to have on our side!


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