Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Electric Car Catches Fire... Again

Not "catches fire" as in "selling like hotcakes". No, they mean literally catching fire! As in "Car-B-Que"!

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Chevy Re-volt

BARKHAMSTED,Conn. -- A hybrid electric Chevrolet Volt believed to have sparked an overnight blaze in a garage in Barkhamsted last week, reignited again on Monday.

The state fire marshal's office is investigating how the electric car parked at a Center Hill Road home caught fire Monday morning.

Last week, homeowners Storm Connors and his wife, Dee, woke up to the sound of a smoke alarm around 4 a.m.

The couple's garage, where they parked their new Chevrolet Volt hybrid, was on fire.

These cars are hot, hot hot!

...On Monday morning, firefighters were called back to the home when the car caught fire again.

Electric cars are soooo popular! This can only help! Not.

On a related note, I was driving up I-5 this afternoon when I came up on a trailer being towed up the highway. It was for an electric car company, whose name I shall not mention, but they were touting these zero emission vehicles as a way to "green your fleet". Which part of their electric fleet do you think was pulling this trailer?

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(Ford F-350, shown less than actual size)

Update: For those of you with memories like mine, they take a little jogging. Another infamous electric car fire cost Neil Young about $850,000


  1. I think the sequel to the volt would be a super hero that fights crime using algebra.

  2. There was a rock star as I recall, who was having his Detroit steel car converted to electric that burned down a warehouse. Neil Young?

    Maybe your super hero could fight government waste and inefficiency with algebra, too?

    If X number of electric cars start Y amount of fires over a year long period when they are new, how many fires can we expect during the life of the product line?

  3. Score one for the little gray cells! It was Neil Young:

  4. And they're recalling the Leaf as well. Who the hell is stupid enough to buy these rolling science projects?

  5. Silverfiddle: Maybe they should call it the "Leafblower"?

  6. Here's another hurdle for electric cars. If you've been to DC you've seen the fancy parking meters that take credit cards and charge your Volt (and not other brands it seems, odd). Each one of course has this mega extension cord that amounts to damn near 14 pounds of copper that plug into the station and into the car. When bums are steeling cast iron manhole covers to sell for scrap, how can so much copper sit on the street overnight or even over lunch? It can't. Unless the stealing of them fries a few people but then ordinary charging would as well, right?

    1. " charge your Volt and not other brands..." Hmmm. A government town that charges cars from Government Motors, but not others? That is a puzzle!

      We had a copper thief in town fry himself in the last 24hrs. Maybe if he'd gone to trade school, he'd have known better?


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