Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nancy Pelosi Snaps at White House Adviser Gene Sperling

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Of course, that could just be the Botox seeking early release!

In a tense moment that may well have encapsulated the frustrations of three-plus months in the minority, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi snapped at a top presidential economic adviser, Gene Sperling, during a closed-door meeting between White House aides and House Democratic leaders Wednesday.

“Maybe you could consult with us just once,” Pelosi said, according to one source’s account. Others confirmed the basic content of the stand-out barb from the former speaker in the midst of an active but largely cordial meeting.

Nancy has been a little bit tense. Maybe something about having to fly commercial?
And those darn TSA guys keep waving her through without a frisk! No wonder she's on edge!

At the time, Sperling was discussing the form and mission of a new bipartisan congressional working group the president wants to charge with establishing a deficit-reduction plan. In the president’s view, it would consist of 16 members, plus the vice president as chairman, and finish up by the end of June.

House Democratic leaders didn’t like the size of it, the reporting date, which falls very close to the deadline for raising the debt ceiling, or the perception that a White House plan had been baked without input from the president’s allies on Capitol Hill.

Hmm. Not enough time to properly debate the outcome before the vote on the debt ceiling and close enough to the November elections that Obama can say he did something without enough time to find out if it did any good!

Win-win for the White House!

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  1. She's always reminded me of a yappy, snappy Pekinese...

    Was that politically incorrect? Are we supposed to call them Beijingese now?

  2. Silver: I think beeyotch is the PC term.

    WHT: Lucky no one got whiplash!


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