Friday, April 22, 2011

Obama is Out of Touch, Just Not Out of Pocket

Remember back a few years to the days of Bush 41. There was a story that sought to depict George Herbert Walker Bush as "out of touch", with a picture of his open mouthed amazement over a grocery scanner. People maligned him as being so out of touch, he'd never seen a grocery scanner before. Of course, what they didn't mention was that what Bush was being shown wasn't a simple grocery scanner, but a prototype that would scan an entire basket of groceries in one pass! Yeah. That would be pretty spiffy, and an amazing piece of technology.

And I was wondering why the same "out of touch" label hasn't been applied to Barack Milhous Obama*? In several speeches, he has referred to people and their cars which only get "eight miles per gallon", telling them they could save gas by trading them in (ignoring the number of unemployed, underemployed and folk uncertain in the future of their jobs). Most recently, he referred to people commuting fifty miles to their jobs in a "beater" which only gets "eight miles per gallon".

Give me a break! Even if someone still had a car that only got eight miles per gallon, they wouldn't be using it as a commuter car unless that particular vehicle was an essential part of their work. Ten to fifteen years ago, I commuted sixty miles, one way, to work, and then used my car as part of my job. I drove "beaters". Most of my work cars were twelve to thirteen years old then. One I bought for as little as $200, and I routinely got 25 mpg out of them. Fifteen years ago.

Anyone who thinks that "eight miles per gallon" is typical for what most Americans are driving is severely out of touch. In fact, the only commuter car I can think of that might only get eight miles per gallon is this one:

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*as Mark Levin would say.

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