Thursday, April 28, 2011

Obama's Birth Certificate a Scam?

First of all, I want to apologize for accepting anything this administration ever offered as being honest or true. I don't know what came over me! Now, I don't consider myself a "birther", but either there are some elaborate hoaxes making the rounds, or this certificate is a phony as a three dollar bill.

The Honolulu Advertiser posted these Hawaiian birth certificates last July. Note both the dates and the file number in the upper right hand corner. (Click here for larger image)

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According to these, the children were born Aug. 5th, 1961 and were file numbers 61 10637 and 61 10638. So, Barack was born one day earlier, his birth was recorded three days earlier than the twins, and his file number was 10641... three numbers higher than theirs? Don't most government agencies record things sequentially?

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Why can't we take anything from this guy at face value? To me, this just raises more questions about what someone might be trying to hide.

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    Thanks for the great article and you make good points.

    Obama's just released long form birth certificate is quite fishy and probably a forgery. He has released a copy of a certified copy and no outsider has seen the original. It seems that Hawaii's Democratic Governor Abercombie made or caused to be made a backdated birth certificate fabricated (forged) and then they have issued a certified copy of the forgery. Here is why:

    1. If Obama had a US birth certificate, why did he not release it before?
    2. He has a birth certificate from Kenya, posted online. How could he be born in 2 places?
    3. His name is wrong on the US birth certificate and says it is Barack Obama II. He has never referred to himself and the media has never referred to him as Barack Obama II.
    4. His mother's last name is listed as Obama suggesting she was married to the African Obama. But the African Obama was already married and since bigamy is illegal, he could not have married Ann.
    5. The signatures look fishy too.
    6. A Hawaii official swore several months ago ( that Obama's birth certificate does not exist. So this must be a backdated forgery.

    Unless some independent document examiners go and examine the original for signs of forgery, this copy he has released should be presumed to be a forgery. Obama did that because he was worried that he might lose the reelection over this issue, so they decided to make a birth certificate up.

  2. I don't blame this on Obama, I believe it was The White House Forgery Czar. Had he been properly vetted by Congress, those guys know more about frauds, cons, lying, scams and forgeries than anybody, they would have caught this!

  3. My name is U. K. Lay Lee, and I approve of this post.

    Honestly, anyone still denying this is a lost cause. The government is just laughing at us at this point.

  4. U.K.Lay Lee? Are you from Hawaii like Obama? I've heard you were instrumental in improving the quality of music there!


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