Wednesday, April 27, 2011

President Obama's Long Form Birth Certificate

President Obama made a curious statement today about the release of his birth certificate:

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"We do not have time for this kind of silliness. We’ve got better stuff to do. I’ve got better stuff to do"
-Barack Obama

Doesn't have time for this silliness? So, when the Clinton campaign brought up the question three years ago, you had time for silliness, then? Or in 2009, when you became ostensibly the most powerful man on the planet, you couldn't delegate the job to some one who worked for you? A Birth Certificate Czar, maybe? How long would it have taken, actually?

"Have my press secretary get a copy of my birth certificate and release it to the press." 30 Seconds? Maybe another 30 seconds if he had to sign a form? Less time than a hole of golf, I should imagine. How many holes have you played since you took office, Barry? Thirteen hundred?

I don't have time for silliness. I need to appear on Oprah! And then, I have more fund raisers!

Yeah. Right!

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  1. TruthnLibertyLoverApril 27, 2011 at 11:44 PM

    He thought he would make those of us who know that he was born in Kenya look stupid. But we know that real Americans are not named Barak Hussein Obama.

  2. Yo Proof: here was a perfect opportunity for you to distance yourself from the "Obama can't possibly be a real American" crowd. But you let the idiotic commenter above off the hook. Irresponsible IMHO. But it's indicative of how you (and many others) have lost a lot of credibility over this issue.

  3. Ficus Freak (any resemblance to a potted plant is purely coincidental, not meant to be taken personally or make you whine):

    You know, Ficus, you had a perfect opportunity to come to this blog and start a meaningful dialogue, but you decided to be a smarmy, condescending piece of snot instead and lost a lot of credibility. You are hardly the one to tell me about my missed opportunities after your pathetic performance of the past two days.

    I get serious commenters here and some liberals and even some faux conservatives who, like you, sometimes set the tone for my replies.

    Show us, oh great Ficus, how it is done! Or can you only sit on the sidelines and snipe?

  4. BTW, Ficus, anything on topic on this thread about the hypocrisy of dodging this question for three years or more and then piously telling everyone that it's wasting his time?

    Any comment on his characterizing it as "sillyness" before leaving to appear on Oprah?

  5. There is one consistency that I've seen in this whole issue:

    People who want to know the truth about this guy's birth offer solid research, facts, and quite compelling analysis. They respond to questions and doubts in great detail.

    People who want to suppress further investigation of the question offer only name-calling, ridicule, and dismissiveness. They never respond to questions or doubts.


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