Saturday, April 9, 2011

US to Fund $20M Remake of Sesame Street... for Pakistan

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Assalam alaikum!

Have I ever mentioned that not every good thing is a necessary thing?

In a new effort to win hearts and minds in Pakistan, USAID - the development arm of the US government - is donating $20m (£12m) to the country to create a local Urdu version of the show.

The project aims to boost education in Pakistan, where many children have no access to regular schooling.

In times of economic hardship, is this the best use of American tax dollars? Maybe the real Sesame Street, which has cleaned up under government subsidies and expert marketing could lend a hand (or some cash)?

Then they could get in on the toy merchandising: "Tickle Me Ehtisham"?

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  1. Only in these times could this be possible.

  2. I hope that when some Democrat accuses Republicans of trying to "starve Grandma", they turn around and say, "Well, at least we didn't blow the money on puppets!"


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