Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Wars That Were Unpaid For"

Here's some audio of the Pres parroting a talking point that I've heard from many other libs, but I was surprised that the Liberal-in-Chief would repeat it. It's almost at the very end of the audio clip:

"the same guy that voted for two wars that were unpaid for..." Funny. How does Obama think wars are "paid for"? Was there anything in Obama's 2011 budget to cover the cost of a war in Libya? He fired over $100 million dollars worth of missiles there, plus the cost of aircraft, bombs and personnel.

Mr. President: Does that make a third war that was "unpaid for"? You tell us that Bush's spending and deficits were horrible, and that "unpaid for" wars contributed to the rotten economy and then you spend more, create larger deficits and start yet another war. So far, you have emulated everything you said was wrong with the Bush administration, up to and including keeping Gitmo open, military tribunals and warrantless wiretaps.

Should we call you "Barry Bush", or "Dub-yo-bama" from now on? Oh, and good luck on that whole 2012 thing! You've really energized your base! Heh.

Audio clip liberated from Say Anything, and cross posted there, too!
and at LCR.


  1. Dub-yo-bama works for me. What a piece of work the liar is....

  2. The nice thing too, about "Dub-yo-bama" is that it rhymes with "yo mama".


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