Friday, May 27, 2011

(VIDEO) Dinamo Bucharest midfielder Elis Bakaj Dodges Firework During Romanian Cup Final

By the Left Coast Rebel

Caught this video this morning of Dinamo Bucharest midfielder named Elis Bakaj (in red, on the right), narrowly escaping getting smacked down by a large firework during the recent Romanian Cup Final :

Want the story behind the rogue firework? Gotta love this British commentary from Metro.UK:

The nimble winger had already skinned his marker on the flank, and was bursting into the Steaua box when a firecracker was launched from the crowd.

Not one to shirk at the sight of a bright light, Bakaj showed he was definitely no Gremlin by dodging the smoking missile, and still managed to get his cross in anyway. What a man.

Unfortunately nothing came of his unbelievable tekkers, and just to rub salt in, Steaua went on to lift the cup thanks to goals from Nicolae Dica, and an own goal from Stefan Barboianu in a 2-1 win.

It was Steaua’s 21st cup victory in the club's history, and by the spirit of the crowd, we’re sure the celebrations were a real blast.

"The nimble winger had already skinned his marker on the flank....?"

Sounds painful!

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  1. "Soccer player finds out why they no longer sell beer in bottles at American sporting events: The fans!"


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