Friday, June 3, 2011

Genette Cordova "Worn Out by Weiner Scandal" opposed to Congressman Weiner's underwear, which should have been worn in!

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"Weinergate" has put a Seattle college cutie through the wringer -- jeopardizing her academic dreams, embarrassing her family and shattering her privacy. "I'm just collateral damage," Gennette Cordova, 21, lamented in explaining how her world was turned upside-down when she wound up on the receiving end of a lewd, underwear-clad crotch shot sent from Rep. Anthony Weiner's Twitter account.

"I just want this to be over," she told The Post yesterday during an exclusive photo shoot and interview near her Bellingham, Wash., college campus. Cordova thinks the package-hugging picture -- which Weiner "can't say with certitude" isn't his -- was meant for somebody else and landed in her Twitter account by mistake.

Genette's 15 minutes of fame is apparently a little more than she bargained for! Is it politically correct to call her a "cutie" though? Well, it is the New York Post!

Cordova is one of 198 people, many of them young, beautiful women, whom Weiner follows on Twitter.

Nothing creepy about that!

Until recently, the congressman also followed stripper and porn actress Ginger Lee, 28, who openly gushes about her "Mr. Sexy Congressman" on social-network sites. "Her name is Ginger -- it makes sense he might have mixed us up," Cordova said, noting that two of the first three letters of their names are the same.

Hmm. Perhaps the Congressman is just "all thumbs" when it comes to Twittering? Maybe he should pass his photos past the Hanes inspector next time?

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  1. Uh...Proof, what the hell happened to the vintage babe of the week? Am I missing something? I know I have been busy, but I still find time for some stuff...

  2. Someone hacked my Twitter account!
    It was a prank!
    Maybe I did, I don't know!
    (Pick whichever excuse you find most plausible.)