Monday, June 20, 2011

More States Require ID to Vote

About time! You need an ID to cash a check, to drive a car, to get on an airplane, to get a job, to receive medical or Social Security benefits...who are these mythical creatures wandering the US without valid IDs? Are we to allow people not capable of obtaining a photo ID for themselves to decide the complex matters facing our cities, states and country? Should we help facillitate the fraud that is committed far too often in local, state and national elections?

The fact that there are too many narrowly won races that turn out to have had more people cast ballots than were registered to vote, requires that we do something to restore the integrity of our voting system. "One man one vote" means one man only one vote.

WASHINGTON — State legislatures across the country have passed a record number of laws this year requiring photo identification to vote, a controversial move pushed by Republicans and opposed by Democrats.

Proponents say the measures prevent vote fraud. Opponents say they are designed to stifle turnout among students, poor people and minorities, who are more likely to vote for Democrats but might lack government-issued IDs, such as driver's licenses and passports.

In California, those who do not wish to get a driver's license can obtain a state photo ID. How can you function in this society without a valid ID? Why would you want to? (Persons in the country illegally and those who commit voter fraud come to mind!)

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David Axelrod, (Captain Combover) a top strategist in President Obama's re-election campaign, called the wave of new legislation a "calculated strategy" by Republicans to "hold down [illegal] voter turnout."
There! Fixed it for you, Captain!

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