Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Linkaround

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Cartoon of the Day – NRO

The Obama Hiatus

TSA Confiscates Mentally Challenged Man’s Toy

China’s Military Showing off Drones that Target U.S. Carriers in Demonstration Videos

It's all bumps, no road in Obamaville - Mark Steyn

the Video the Eniviromentalist Industry Has Censored from YouTube

Slacker-In-Chief Spends Sunday Golfing, 11th Weekend In A Row, 72nd Round Of His Presidency…

Tale of Two Disasters

Bulb Wars

Tips for Not Appearing Crazy on the Internet -Trolls: This one's for you!

Obama will win in 2012………No Matter What – Walter Williams

Paper That Attacked Allen West For Scuba Diving With The American Flag Published Story In 2008 Titled “If Bill Ayers is a Terrorist, Then So Am I”

Elections Matter…Every Election

“Nothing would be more impeachable than a president who takes the country to war without coming to Congress” –Constitutional scholar

Liberal Hypocrisy: Guess Who Went From a Multi-Millionaire to a Bigger Multi-Millionaire in 2010?

Obama Then, Obama Now

Stop the Pigford Fraud

Misery Index up 62% since Obama's Inauguration, While Nancy Pelosi's net worth increased 62%

Ronald Reagan Tells Democrat Joke -video

Ann Coulter on the Libertarians Running for President

Vandals Burn 27 American Flags

Rule Five Roundup*:

American Power- Brooklyn Decker

Camp of the Saints - Rule Five Saturday, Hump Day Rule Five, Rule Five News

Classic Liberal – Rule 5 Rabiosa

"Sunday Night Knockers"

The Daley Gator – Daley Babes: Emily Scott, No, bikini clad women are not pornographic, Kim Kardashian

Eye of Polyphemus – Eliza Dushku, Kristin Chenoweth, Kaley Cuoco, Scarlett Johansson

Friday Night Babe – Ali Sonoma

Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World - Friday Pin up

The Observatorium – Ariana Grande

Pirates Cove - Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup, If All You See…, If all you see...

Miss USA

Randy’s Roundtable –Thursday Nite Tart, Midweek break

Soylent Green – Monday Motivationator, Sunday Stripper, Cuties For A Curious Day

Support your local Gunfighter- Do You Like Women’s Soccer?, Christina Hendricks

Teresamerica – Rule 5 - Summer TV Hotties

Theo Spark – Saturday Toddy

The Other McCain- Rule 5 Sunday

Vintage Babe of the Week – Veronica Hamel

Rule 5 Woodsterman Style Scarlett Johansson

*By no means comprehensive.

Use the comments as an open thread on any of these topics.

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