Thursday, August 25, 2011

Perry and Barry: "Boys Will Be Boys..."

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Posted without comment.

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  1. If you like this web page, you are ignorant.
    If you think Obama is the cause of our troubles, you are devoid an intelligent, critical mind.
    If you think one party is the right answer, you have not learned from history.

  2. Dear Anonymous: Let me translate your unintentionally humorous comment: You have no rational defense for Obama or his lackluster administration, so you throw up straw men arguments you hope will distract from the utter failure and lack of character of our current Commander-in-Chief.

    But, thanks for playing!

  3. What is this picture supposed to mean? Right now Rick Perry is famous for an exploding fertilizer plant and the fact that he's looking at 99 years in prison for corruption and intimidation. How do you compare anything unfavorably to this human train wreck?

  4. Which part of "Posted without comment" didn't you understand?

    But since you bring it up, the photo compares a stoner and someone serving his country honorably. By 'human train wreck', are you referring to the pathological liar currently in the Oval Office? How's that "Hope and Change" working out for you? How's his total withdrawal of troops from Iraq work out for ISIS?

    BTW, Did you know that Barry is sending another 1000 paratroopers into Iraq, belatedly. To commit those imaginary war crimes in your head, no doubt!

    I'm not a big Rick Perry fan, but, like most of the men in this country, is 1000 times the man Barack Obama is.

  5. Yes, I'm calling Perry a human trainwreck. That he served in the airforce does not make him Jesus any more than George Bush's stupid codpiece made the mission really accomplished in Iraq. Any good he might have done serving has been undone by his gutting of regulations in Texas, his corruption and people are most likely to remember him for the fact that he forgot what state he was in twice while giving speeches for a failed presidential run.
    On the other hand, the "stoner" you scorn is a Harvard lawschool graduate summa cum laude under whose leadership the deficiet has shrunk to a fifty year low, handed healthcare to millions who didn't have it before, restored the auto industry (which Romney tried to take credit for) repealed Don't ask don't tell, reversed the Bush torture policies, got Bin Laden, boosted fuel efficiency standards and encouraged investment in green energy sources, aided veterans by introducing multiple tax cuts for businesses as an incentive to hire veterans, increased the budget of the Veterans Affairs office, improved the Food and Drug administration, signed the Lilly Ledbetter act, expanded America's wildlife reserves, engaged in a bombing campaign in ISIS over sending in massive ground armies and is in fact pushing back the organization, though they still hold some towns like Tikrit.
    The list goes on and on, and what I find laughable is the way that Perry's air force service somehow excuses his political career full of corruption, failure and boasting about how many people he executed.

  6. Ah! A Kool-Aid gulping Obama True Believer! There is so much bilge and the regurgitated lies of the Obama administration in your comment that I shall only deal with one:

    under whose leadership the deficiet (sic) has shrunk to a fifty year low
    Math was never a strong subject for liberals, so I'm attaching a visual aid. In 2012, when Obama claimed to have "cut the deficit in half", he was not talking about the deficit he "inherited" from George Bush, but the much greater ones he created in 2009 & 2010. If you will look at the attached chart, after weaning yourself from the Kool-Aid, you will see that every deficit, every year of the Obama administration is greater than the deficits under George W. Bush.


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