Friday, September 16, 2011

Ford's Provocative Bailout Commercial

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The following Ford bailout commercial/ad campaign has been out for a while but due to my busy schedule, I hadn't see it yet.


I think this is really going to strike a nerve with the American public and just may increase Ford's sales.


Though it has been beaten out of us for decades, our independent rugged-individualist nature draws us to hate cronyism, crony capitalists and the corporate-welfare, "too big to fail" system that caters to them.

Are you listening, GM, Chrysler et al.? Next time it just may be good business to say NO to Uncle Sam.


First: Unfortunately Ford's own Alan Mulally is an Obamanation ally, so a crony capitalist in his own right.

And: via Memeorandum, read this story to catch a glimpse of the slippery slope of corporate welfarism and the spectre of big-government/business collusion. The bigger picture missed by the Puff-Ho writer is this: who knew that there were still billions in fed auto "loans" floating around out there?

Also: Inspired by a Palin Facebook post on the topic, Another Black Conservative checks in on the crony-capitalism debate:

In the speech Palin, points out something we should all have noticed, (had we not had our Red and Blue colored glasses firmly in place) that both the right and the left are correct as to what is kill our nation. On the right, we see Big Government as the killer or liberty and freedom. On the left, they see Big Business as the threat to the little guy. The truth is that it is the collusion of the Big Government and Big Business that is messing things up for this nation.
Well said, Clifton! And, good to see you clawing back from the blogger abyss.


  1. That is what more people need to hear in Washington.

  2. Great ad. Linked this post at RK.

    I understand the problem with "crony capitalism," but I don't like that term. Inevitably, the therm "crony capitalism" will tarnish the concept of free markets for some, because free markets and capitalism are so strongly linked in the American psyche.

    e.g... "So even you tea party extremists admit that capitalism can be dangerous!"

    Capitalism is always good. The crap that gets piled on top is the problem. Cronyism is a problem whether it's part of a capitalist or socialist scheme.

    I prefer to think of the dichotomy as one of free market capitalism vs. cronyism and statism.

  3. RK - We'll have to talk about the semantics re: crony capitalism. You may just have a point, hmm.

  4. It's interesting when any manufacturer doesn't tout the features of their product, but the fact that they did not belly up to the government trough.