Friday, September 30, 2011

Michelle Obama Shops at Target...

...for a photo op and gets one!

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On Sesame Street they used to (and still maybe do) have a little game called "One of these things is not like the others". Let's play!

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Is it A) Michelle wearing her $600 sneakers to a charity event?

B) Michelle and her $6,000 alligator clutch?

C) Michelle wearing $42K+ diamonds to a DNC fundraiser?

or D) Michelle shopping at Target?

Take your time! There are only two obvious conclusions. One is that the Obama economy is soooo bad, that even millionaires and billionaires have to shop at Target. Or, 2012 is right around the corner and Michelle is trying desperately to lose the Marie Antoinette image she has so carefully cultivated over the last three years.

We report. You decide.

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  1. She was in aisle 7, buying her husband a clue.

  2. Excellent comparison, Proof. The Obamas' class warfare strategy is paper-thin. Thanks for tearing a big hole in it.

  3. She could have been picking up some Duracells for the Commander-In-Chief in her goodie drawer.

  4. FMP: Thanks!

    Mrs. C: That may be all that's putting the "Oh" in her Obama!

  5. Maybe she was checking the place out, because after the next election it's where she'll be working.

    I wonder if she found some Missoni?

  6. I see Michelle as more a greeter in a blue vest!

  7. She does look good in blue!

    Another thought - she used PLASTIC bags and not eco-friendly cloth bags? I hope Al Gore doesn't see this photo. Anyhoo, I'm gonna keep my eyes open next time I go out, I might see Obama at Home Depot!

  8. Nah. It's Biden at the Home Depot. You'd have better luck finding Barry on the golf course...


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