Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Republican Debate -Live Blogging (Belatedly)

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5:35 Ron Paul is coming across as a little petulant.

5:38 Buy a gallon of gas for a silver dime. (Go for it, Ron!)

6:05 Rick Perry touts his success in drawing business to TX and improving education.

5:39 Ron Paul trashes the Reagan 80's "T^hey weren't all that great" Really? Compared to what? Today???

5:45 A video tribute to Ronald Reagan and Nancy

6:02 Ron Paul: Take the air conditioning out of the tent in Afghanistan, use the money to reduce the debt. Make conditions unlivable and this will bring the troops home.

Close your eyes and Jon Huntsman sounds like Mitt Romney. I'm listening to the audio, and whenever I flip back to the video, Huntsman surprises me.

6:06 Rick Perry on his success on drawing business to TX and improving education there.

6:07 Newt Gingrich in favor of charter schools.

6:08 Perry advocates securing the border. Takes shot at Obama for saying "border is safer than ever before". Either Obama has terrible intel, or is an abject liar. (I paraphrase)

Mitt on immigration reform "Turn off the magnet"

6:11 Newt everyone here legally. Control the border. Do reform in a humane way.

Rick Santorum: Son of immigrants, people who came here for freedom, not government bennies.

Michele Bachmann: What do you do with the 11 1/2 million after the border is secured?

Case by case mitigation.

Herman Cain: It's not one problem. Three other problems: Secure the border. Clean up the process to legalization. Empower the states to do what the feds won't do.

Huntsman: Adopted daughters from India and China. Legal immigrants.

Ron Paul: It's the drug laws... "This fence business may be turned against us to fence us in."

6:23 Rick Perry asked if he would take $10 spending cuts for $1 in tax increases. Perry turns down the deal as well.

6:24 Michelle Bachmann invokes the spirit of Reagan to oppose tax increase for spending cut deal.

6:25 Jon Huntsman "A pledge to sign no new pledges"

Perry gives hat tip to Obama on taking out bin Laden, bigger hat tip to the Navy Seals.

6:37 Perry : The science is not settled on "climate change"

6:38 Bachmann: Obama had to back off environmental regulations. "Temporary gimmicks and more of the same from Obama Thursday night.

6:39 Gingrich: I'd fire Bernanke Set aside an area as big as Texas in Alaska for mining and oil exploration.

6:41 Question to Romney: A de facto tax increase?

$200,000 a year or less tax free interest on savings

He'd look for a replacement to Bernanke, too. His plan would be for 4% growth and 11.5 million jobs

Gov. Perry on capital punishment : You will face the ultimate justice in the state of Texas

"Americans understand justice"

6:45 Cain on GE paying no US taxes. 999 plan - get the government out of the business of picking winners and losers.

Worst recession since the Great Depression "Obama doesn't understand that the business sector is the engine for economic growth"

Paul seems a little tightly wound.


  1. "Americans understand justice"..I dont think they do any longer...sigh..................

  2. Some of us still do. We just need to teach the rest.