Saturday, September 10, 2011

This Last Week's Poll

This Last Week's Poll: Who "Won" tonight's Republican Debate?

Mitt Romney (10%)

Michele Bachmann (0%)

Herman Cain (16%)

Newt Gingrich (6%)

Rick Perry (33%)

Jon Huntsman (0%)

Ron Paul (30%)

Rick Santorum (3%)

I suspect that some of the votes were for candidates you liked and not necessarily whom you thought actually won the debate. (And you know who you are!) That's okay. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion!

Multiple choices and Obama's crack budget office accountants may account for totals greater than 100%

Thank you for your participation!
Not a scientific poll. Respondents are self selecting. Questions are drawn from fortune cookies, hieroglyphics and tomorrow’s New York Times.

Please make your opinion known in this week's poll.


  1. Go Ron Paul! Go America! Go Constitution! Go Job Creation! Go Economic Growth! Go Peace! Go Balanced Budget! Go Responsible Washington!

    Bring our Troops home NOW!
    God Bless America. God Bless Our Troops!
    Ron Paul 2012

  2. Okay, George. We'll put you tentatively into the Paul column...